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A $320 Oscilloscope

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I just saw the picture below from (via a tweet from @Saelig).

I was immediately intrigued by the existence of an oscilloscope for $318. First, I did my own search on the price and yes, it costs $318 on Amazon (once again proving the near ubiquity of Amazon.)

Next, I started looking at the specifications on the SDS1072CML from Siglent (a company I have never heard of before). I thought it'd be interesting to compare to NI's USB-5132, which doesn't have a screen, buttons, knobs, etc. The specs on the USB-5132 are: 50MHz bandwidth, 50MSPS, 4MB, 2 channels, no screen, $1064 (only beating the Siglent on the record length).

Now, if you look closely at the datasheet, there are specifications the NI scope is better in: accuracy (3% vs. 4%), Timebase accuracy (50ppm vs. 100ppm), power (1.15W vs. 50VA), to name a couple that jumped out at me.

But the Siglent is over 3x better in price than the USB-5132 and half the price of the next cheapest scope on the above list. If I want an additional scope in my lab for prototyping purposes, I will definitely consider this scope. I'm also curious to know how much it would cost if NI made a USB scope that matched the specs of this Siglent scope.

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