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I spent the last few days helping my wife with a really big craft fair. The day before I was given all sorts of low level tasks, like packaging products and then putting labels on them. (There's a strange satisfaction when a lip balm label is perfectly aligned after having it go around the tube.)

And then on the big day, I was basically a sherpa all day. I imagine my wife climbing this tall mountain of entrepreneurship and I hope that I can provide some assistance. I carried stuff to and from the car. I unpacked everything from all of our bins and boxes. I was a second opinion on her strategy. And then she had her best sales day ever and I think I was a small part of that success.

Anyway, I imagine launching new products in a similar way. Most of the time, there's a vision of getting a new product into a market and test is just one part of that long process.

A lot of people will you help you climb your mountain. I hope to be one of them.

Everest Image from lutz6078

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