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Dummy Batteries for Test

For those of you that have a test system for a battery powered unit, I am a big proponent of using dummy batteries. In case you need a definition, let's say you're testing a remote control that takes two AAA batteries. Instead of using actual batteries, one of the dummy batteries is a plastic cylinder with metal contacts on both ends that are connected together.  The other dummy battery is a plastic cylinder with metal contacts connected to wires that can make it out of the unit.  These wires can be connected to a power source of your choice.


  1. You don't have to worry about having batteries on hand.  Batteries tend to run out, roll away, and generally disappear.
  2. You can control your power source.  Maybe you need a very accurate battery simulator device.  Maybe you need to run your tests at multiple voltages to make sure that your device runs as the battery runs out.
  3. Your power source could have current limits set in case there's a short circuit.

There are lots of pages for DIY dummy batteries. Personally, I like to just buy the ones from

I used to work for a hearing aid company and the really nice thing about dummy batteries for hearing aids is that they use flat flex which is much easier to work with. It would be nice if dummy batteries for AAA, AA, etc. did that too because usually you can't get those wires out through a battery cover, but you might be able to get flex through.

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