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Increasing Twitter Followers

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As mentioned a while back, I am trying to increase the number of Twitter followers for my wife's business. After less than two months, we've gone from 29 followers to 332 followers. Not bad. My goal is 400 by the end of the year with a stretch goal of 500, where the majority of those followers are Minnesota women (at least as calculated by percent female and percent in Minnesota.)

My first strategy was to basically follow as many women who actively tweet who list the Twin Cities as their location. This was in the hopes that a fair percentage of them would follow back. This strategy is at its end now as Twitter stopped me from following more than 5001 accounts. (Apparently, the limit is 5000, but then you're allowed more based on an unpublished calculation based on your number of followers.)

If you ever find yourself in this situation, I thought UnTweeps was helpful. It listed accounts that haven't updated their status in x number of days and I unfollowed some people that hadn't tweeted in a while.

So how can we make it to 400 (or 500) followers? I have been trying to come up with as many reasons to tweet as possible. I personally like the @Midnight #HashtagWars where you come up with something punny, so sometimes we come up with some responses to that and I try to like some of those responses. I like the National Day Calendar and seeing if there's a day to tweet about (e.g. yesterday was #NationalPumpkinDay).

And then I'm trying to get pictures of products my wife is making or working on and getting them up on Twitter. And then, I'm doing favorites of as many (uncontroversial) posts as possible.

This is really my first experience thinking about sales and marketing. (I ought to do more of that for my own company.) And I would say it can be deemed a success so far; there's been an increase in web orders.

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