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More Twitter/Social Media Thoughts

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Black Friday went well for my wife. A 15% discount brought in a good number of orders.

As I've talked about earlier, I am currently limited to following 5001 accounts. However, for a short while, I was able to follow 5002 accounts. There were 444 followers at that moment. I started unfollowing so I could follow some new accounts. However, I lost a couple followers and I'm back down to 442 and I can again only follow 5001 accounts. I find this secret follower limit algorithm kind of interesting, though I realize it won't be that big of a deal to most others.

I decided to start liking things on Instagram too. A lot of these maker types only post to Instagram and then Instagram posts to their Twitter. So if someone has an Instagram link in their tweet, I'll like both the Instagram pic and the tweet.

I'd like to add here that having Instagram post a tweet isn't really ideal. First, people's usernames can differ between the two and/or not exist. (Random app/website idea: a way to link all of your user names so that a post to multiple social media sites always uses the correct IDs.) Second, on Instagram, there isn't a character limit and so the tweet only has the first 100 or so characters. Also, there seems to be an Instagram norm of posting 20+ hashtags for every pic. I realize why it's done, but it just doesn't translate to other social media very well.

To all of you that started your website from a standard template (most of you?). Take a second to doublecheck your social media links. If someone clicks on the little Twitter bird and it goes to, say, @Wix or @Strikingly, it just doesn't look good.

One more random thing. If you have a little Twitter link, use the bird icon. The lower case t link button looks a lot like tumblr.

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