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Pen Drawing in LabVIEW

· LabVIEW,Drawing

A number of companies, especially medical device manufacturers, require that an operator sign the test report.  That already seems like a silly exercise, but at least there's a record that there was an operator around during the test.  What I consider funnier is that after signing, the operator (or someone else) may scan in the entire report just so that there's an electronic copy of the test report with their signature.  

This got me thinking if there was a way to create a signature window in LabVIEW, like something you sign when a vendor uses Square.

Of course, there's a way. I found this example where you can draw lines. This isn't exactly what I want, but I modified the code to make my simple Pen Drawing Example, which I've posted here.

Now, we'll see if I can convince anyone to change their procedure to use an electronic signature instead of a physical signature.

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