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Random Twitter Observations

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So my wife runs her own business making bath and body products. Her social media of choice are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I happen to like Twitter and encouraged her to create a Twitter account and at least link it to the other social media for content. She thought she should have more followers so this task has been assigned to me.

My current strategy is to follow a lot of local businesses and women in the area. I have made a handful of observations.

-Many Twitter bios have some variant of "Tweets are my own" as if to absolve the person's employer/business. I really have no idea what this statement accomplishes and there are lots of posts about how this doesn't work.

-Another common thing that I saw in Twitter bios was some variant of "supporter of the Oxford comma". I am also a supporter here and I just think it's interesting that one would choose that to describe one's self with such limited space.

-Searching for Account bios with "MN Wife" yields random women, but also a number of female politicians. Searching for users with "MN Husband" yields a lot of local media personalities and pastors. I have a feeling this points to larger societal things.

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