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Saving Test Fixture Information

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Say you have a test fixture and you want to know information about it. Perhaps, you just want to know the fixture's serial number or maybe there are calibration values that are needed as reference values. I have a few thoughts on this subject.

For saving something simple like a serial number, I have always liked using FTDI chips (such as the FT232R). The chip's EEPROM can be programmed with their FT_Prog tool. To read the chip information, FTDI provides examples in several programming languages (including LabVIEW).

Of course, you might need to save more information than just the serial number. Using a USB flash drive would be good for this. I would suggest not exposing the USB flash drive externally as they sometimes have a way of walking away.

If your fixture has a circuit board inside, you could use a board level USB flash drive, such as this one from Swissbit.

I also happen to like the fact that the module can be screwed down. And it's rated as industrial, though it's unlikely to matter that much assuming your test system's environment is normal room temperature.

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