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TestStand Batch File Global Scope

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So I've been working a lot with the TestStand Batch model. And I thought I'd share my opinion on the scope of FileGlobals. In the sequence file properties for your model and for any client sequences, I suggest that the "Sequence File Globals" setting be set to "All Executions Share the Same File Globals."

This is useful for a number of reasons. For example, you may have something like the test system temperature where only one DUT thread takes the measurement and then every unit shares that value. If that Sequence File Globals setting is set to "Separate File Globals for Each Execution", to share values between threads would require a StationGlobal, which I don't believe should be used in this case. With shared FileGlobals, one DUT takes the measurement and writes to the FileGlobal and then every other thread has access to that value. 

Also, in my model, I might end up compiling the batch results to then send to my Operator Interface. Each thread can write to an array that's a FileGlobal and then I can see everyone's data all at once.

So take a look at that setting when working with the Batch model.

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