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Using the API to Skip TestStand Steps

· TestStand,TestStand API,LabVIEW

I have some custom code in a TestStand model that will skip steps in MainSequence. This code has worked in several cases, but a user found that it didn't work with his sequence. I actually have no idea why, though my theory is that the multithreading in his sequence is doing something I'm not expecting. However, I found a solution to the problem.

In LabVIEW, I use the API method SetRunModeEx.

LabVIEW TestStand API SetRunModeEx

My original code wires "Normal" or "Skip" to the newRunMode input and I left the "executionParam" input unwired. I never really thought about what that is until now. Reading the help on the SetRunModeEx method, I learned that I could wire a TestStand execution to that input. This has the added advantage that the run mode does not persist after running the sequence. (This code rarely runs in sequence editor, so changes usually didn't persist anyways.)

Anyways, after wiring the TestStand execution to that input everything worked. I recommend that users always use the executionParam input when using this method.

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