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So after a fair amount of work (somewhat described here), my wife's Twitter account is now at 410. It looks like at current rate (~3 new followers per day), I'll meet my stretch goal of getting her up to 500 by the end of the year.

One thing that I'm kind of proud of is that a local celebrity has followed the account. This has come after roughly a month of religiously liking most of his tweets.

I'm kind of surprised this actually worked. I think one could make a good case that a like in Twitter (or Facebook or any social network) isn't really very meaningful. It's passive and isn't really connected to any meaningful action.

In quantity though, likes become meaningful. Posts with lots of likes usually get into someone's "In case you missed it" on Twitter and might get filtered to the top in Facebook. A person that sees lots of likes from a particular knows that they have a fan. And maybe (just maybe) they'll see what they have to offer.

So I would suggest that you like more. I think it gives the poster/tweeter/etc a little encouragement, which I'm happy to give.

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